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    Question Landscaping plants

    I live in western Pennsylvania and I am having problems with all of the landscaping plants in my yard. The roses, lilies, peonies and iris all have their leaves turning brown. There are black spots on the roses and the iris and other plants appear to have the leaves dying from the end in. Water is not the problem. My lot is 150 by 150 and the plants are planted around the home and on the hill in the back of the house and the conditions appears to be affecting all of the plants no matter where they are planted on the lot. Could someone give me an idea what to look for or what might be going on.


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    Post Hello Everybody

    That's true.What you said help me a lot.Thanks.

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    Default Re: Landscaping plants

    I didn't see any replies! What did they say? I was going to guess OVERwatering, or a fungus caused by it. Another guess was the wrong soil pH, but that would cause more yellowing of leaves.

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