I am in the process of putting up wainscoting in my kitchen. I am using the Cape Cod beadboard wainscoting boards from Home Depot. They look like they are made of compressed paper and they are 1/4 inch thick. I sawed a hole in one of the boards for the electrical outlet and put the electrical receptacle through it and put the screws back in with the receptacle flush with the wainscoting board. I am concerned about a potential fire hazard with the receptacle having the 1/4inch exposure to the beadboard. As I was reading in my home improvement book from Home Depot, there is something mentioned in there about using an electrical extension ring over the outlet. But, I was not able to find one in Home Depot. Should I continue my search for the electrical ext. ring or just not worry about it and go ahead and put my electrical cover back on?
Thank You.