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    Default Slipping toliet seat

    We recently installed one of those new water saving elongated toliets. I love the looks of the toliet and how quickly it fills up after flushing, HOWEVER, I do not like the fact that every time you sit on it, the toliet seat slips sideways!! I DO NOT like going for a ride on my toliet seat!! I've tried tightening it and even replacing the seat with a different one-all with the same results! I cannot for the life of me figure out how to solve this! It seems to me that the toliet bowl itself is too narrow and the feet on the seat slip off. Our older toliet in the guest bath has a small round bowl and the seat is no problem. Any suggestions??

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    Default Re: Slipping toliet seat

    Generally, that sort of thing is relegated to cheap, lightweight, plastic toilet seats that are not rigid enough to hold their shape. You can try to rectify the problem with additional feet on the seat. There are aftermarket feet available at the hardware store and will be in the plumbing section usually with the seats or nearby.
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