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    Default Attic Ladder for Very Tight Openning

    Hello Everyone, I was looking for possible suggestions regarding the installation of an attic ladder in my home. My home is newer construction, built in 2003, and has a small opening to the attic in my master bedroom closet's ceiling. The dimensions of the opening are quite small, 21 inches by 30 inches, and I really can't increase its size or cute a new hole anywhere. Does anyone have suggests for an attic ladder kit that might fit this opening? The closet I have found was a Werner kit, but the smallest required 22 x 22 clearance which I don't have. Thanks for your help in advance.

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    Default Re: Attic Ladder for Very Tight Openning

    check with a local lumberyard, they usually have several different attic hatch ladder kits, see what sizes they have.

    sounding by the 21" the framers probably goofed on the layout of the trusses, when setting them they prob put one truss on the wrong side of the line which made the spacing 1 1/2" smaller, it should be 22 1/2

    your only other option would be to go up in the attci clear away a section of insulation then cut out a new opening in the ceiling for a proper hatch
    fire up the saw and make some dust

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