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    Question Splitting up a larger window

    I have a large pella window in a living room, when you pull off the window trimming you can see that there is three windows in one. My question is, can you seperate these to make three windows, without damaging the entire window? I am going to add a fireplace where this window is and place a window on each side, hence the splitting of the original window.

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    Default Re: Splitting up a larger window

    Normally, yes you can separate them. Once the window unit is removed, you will probably find that a metal mending plate has been applied to each junction at both the top & bottom of the windows. They might be nailed, stapled, or screwed in place. Once you remove these, the windows usually will separate. If they don't, try removing the stops & look for screws (or nails) behind them.

    If these are vinyl clad windows, the nailing flanges will have been removed. On older windows, these were integral with the exterior cladding & were cut off when mulling units together. On most modern windows, the nailing flanges fit into a groove in the window. Any Pella dealer can supply you with new flanges to replace the missing ones.

    If this is not a vinyl clad unit, then you'll just have to redo the exterior trim.


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