thank you for the info but i didn't know of any welder that uses a common to also run 110volt accessories like the wire feed etc. it was either a 220 volt or dc motor--on a 220 volt welder, different story for my 110volt smaller welding machine, so that there was no common wire. Also I wanted to be well informed before anything is done because when looking at the specs of the different size wire. primarily #8 and #6 copper the amp was only i think the # 8 was only 50 amps and the # 6 was 75 amps. I realize the the top end of amp usage and draw would be rare if not unlikely but I would not want an electrical problem down the road. I guess I was thinkin like You see the reccomendations when I first posted this as you see when using some machinery not to go over a certain distance for a certain gauge wire if you use an extension 25 ft for 12 awg then if further it needs to be 10 awg...does that make sense. I just didn't want overheating in the wire and potential fire hazzard. Also most of the wire I am finding here is romex standed of either of these sizes 6or 8 - 2 or 3 thhn. is that a concern since if that does burn it is toxic