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    Default old exterior cedar shake painting

    problem: 33 year old house with the original cedar shakes. the shakes have some staining, mildew or moss and woodpecker holes. question is how to prepare the surfaces for a new semi-transparent coating. what is power washing, what gets rid of mildew/moss effectively/permanently and how to repair woodpecker holes to accept new coating. thanks for any help,suggestions!!! p.s. woodpeckers to be handled as a separate issue but any ideas now eagerly accepted. thanks again!

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    Default Re: old exterior cedar shake painting

    your best bet is to buy a stripper that can be applied with a p/washer on low pressure then removed on high pressure will take care of most of your problems & start with a clean slate i use defy wood finishes in 10yrs only 1 minor problem they backed ther product with no question asked but where to ship new product go to www.saversystems.com for more info

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