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    I have a mixture of poison ivy and oak taking over an area going up my driveway (100ft area) The problem is that it's mixed in with a ground covering ivy, rose of sharon, lilac, and other small trees I like. Tried pulling it out last year only to see it double, tried spraying the tops with killer and naturally seen an effect on the other stuff. This area is the first you see coming up my driveway. Ive lived here 3 yrs and need to end this eyesoar I have! Should I say Bye to all the ivy and rip everything out?

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    Use Roundup. But instead of spraying, dip a glove in the Roundup, put the glove on and rub the leafs of the poison ivy. It only takes a small amount on the leaf and if the glove is not dripping you won't hurt anything but what you touch.
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    Sounds like a plan, but I would put on a rubber glove under a cloth glove. Spraying can work if you make a shield out of cardboard or a coffee can to keep the roundup off desirable plants. I've seen in garden catalogs roller applicators for weed killers. One application isn't likely to get it all. Seeds may sprout & the birds drop seeds too.
    I know that poison ivy can get away from you quick. I saw some growing in some holly bushes saturday, but by the time I got to it monday it went from about a foot tall to 24".

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