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    Default poor hot water preassure

    I have poor hot water preassure at all taps in my house. about 1/4 the preassure or less of the cold water. the tank is only a few years old. i have tried replacing the valve going to the HW tank, because it was very old and not quite functioning properly anymore. no help. i am get fairly good preassure at the drain for the HW tank, so i know there is preassure in it. any thoughts what to look at next?

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    Default Re: poor hot water preassure

    Low flow of hotwater usually is one of two things .....

    1 - poor water supply to the tank
    --- or ----
    2 - blockage of the out going piping.

    I've seen the outlet of a tank plugged with build up from disenegrated anode rod as well from broken dip tubes.
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