We are looking at replacing/ upgrading the water heater that we have. A issue that we would like to fix in the process is the long wait for hot water. The closest sink(kitchen) to the water heater is 4 to 5 feet as a straight line but takes minutes and gallons of water down the drain for hot water to appear. I looked under the house and the plumbing seems to make almost a loop with the kitchen being one of the last stops. There is also a couple of verticals to supply the upper floor....so my thought is to complete a loop and run a recirculating pump. However for efficiencies is it better to run a 95% efficient water heater with the pump or can I use a central on demand system(tank less) with the recirculating pump as well? OI would suspect that we would cycle the demand system each time the pump circulates. ( I assume that the pump does not run 24/7. My last option is to run just the tank less and maybe to splice in the kitchen with a more direct route but that does not completely resolve the upstairs wait. What are the thoughts on these ideas??