I have a large back deck, pressure-treated probably 25 years old. I'm not the original owner of the house. Just noticed this yesterday, the lag bolts attaching the deck to the foundation seem to be bending on one end of the deck only. There are no footers or supports in place at the house-attachment side, only the bolts to the house. The footings and ground-to-deck support beams are all located at the end of the deck - farthest away from the house. We are very handy and under a tight budget - any advice on a do-it-yourself fix for this? Our plan was to dig as deep as possible (below frost line per code) close to foundation, pour concrete and install 8x8 supports (braced top and bottom)so when the deck does separate from the house, the new support system will be in place. Any new and different ideas? Thanks from PA. I haven't snapped a photo yet but can if anyone thinks it will help.