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    Default Mortise locks with MDF interior doors?


    Can anyone tell me if I can use my old mortised locks with MDF interior panel doors? I'm wondering if the MDF has the stability/strength to be mortised out along the rail


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    Default Re: Mortise locks with MDF interior doors?

    Iwould imagine that the new door will carry the mortise lock OK. The stiles are about 1 3/4" wide (at least), and if you cut your mortise fairly snug, it should be OK. The lock will be supported in the mortise along the edge of the door and if the screws are long enough to get a good bite into the stile, that'll be OK.

    The support will come from several areas. The mortise inside the door (a little bit), the mortise on the door edge (more support by being jammed into the mortise), the screws into the edge of the door (good), and on both faces of the door I would imagine there will be some type of fastners to hold escutcheon plates and like that. So it'll be a combination of all this. Make sure your mortise on the door edge is a good fit because that'll go a long way to supporting the locks.

    Good Luck.

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