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    Default Leaky Bathroom Water Supply Lines

    I gutted my bathroom and installed a new vanity and sink. I replaced the water supply lines that run from teh supply pipes to the faucet with the 12 inch braided connectors.
    I've wrapped the water supply line threaded end with plumbers tape, and hand tightened the water supply line, then tightened with a wrench a bit more (half a turn or so). Its leaking!

    I've undone it and re-tried 3 or 4 times now. The leak is right at the junction of the nut and the braided supply line (part of hte supply line). What do i do? Am i tightening it too hard? Not enough? Am i not using enough plumbers tape?


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    Default Re: Leaky Bathroom Water Supply Lines

    Get some pipe thread compound, AKA "pipe dope". Remove the supplies and clean off the teflon tape residue. apply the pipe dope to the male threads. When you thread on the supplies, hold the line itself away from the joining by pulling on it while hand-tightening; this ensures that the washer inside the joint does not get bound up and only makes contact at the last moment. When seated hand tight, you can let go and do the last quarter- or half-turn with the wrench.
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