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    Red face rigid patio water buffer

    I want to build a new wooden or vinyl deck over an existing concrete deck and hoping to do so without removing any existing concrete. The original deck must not have had proper footings installed because the deck slopes towards the house…. causing all water run off to drain towards the house and cyclically increases the slope with time. There’s enough space, between the top of the old concrete deck and the new proposed deck to include support joists, that won’t interfere with the entry way but I will still need to place some type of material between both decks that is rigid enough to be sloped and act as a water buffer…any ideas?

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    Default Re: rigid patio water buffer

    Sounds like if you have water running back towards the house you need to remove the concrete or trench in some sort of french drain at the foundation. Then perhaps you can use some sort of masonary product to space of the slab for your joist support

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    Default Re: rigid patio water buffer

    It is always best to fix the problem rather than bandaid it and cover it up. If you've got a drainage problem now, it's only going to get worse and you don't want issues with the house because of it.

    If it were me, I'd remove the concrete and start fresh. Regrade the area to slope away from the house, then build the deck. Actually, if it were REALLY me, I'd repour concrete.
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