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    Question Material for gas lines.

    What material can be used to run a gas line? Does it all have to be metal pipe, or are there some new products?

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    Default Re: Material for gas lines.

    Here , if it's inside the home , it has to be black iron pipe , except for the actual hook up to the appliance . Check the code in your area .

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    Default Re: Material for gas lines.

    Both plumbing codes and gas codes permit galvanized or black iron pipe. There is also a newer type of gas tubing permitted in almost all states called Corrugated stainless steel tubing or CSST for short. It has been around about 22 years and is permitted in almost all states but you have to go to a plumbing supply store to get it because it is unfamiliar to most non trades persons. It is easy to use and because it bends it eliminates 90s 45s and easily goes around other obstructions.

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