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    Default Re: Advise on Replacing Cast Iron Waste Pipe

    Same deal here. Replacing the pipe to the septic tank would not require a permit or inspection. It falls under the heading of repairs and therefore doesn't need a permit or inspection. Same for replacing a septic tank with a new one.

    And you can do repairs to the drainfield itself (should you have a collapse cause a heavy piece of machinery or similar ran over it)... without a permit.....cause it's a repair.

    However, if your drainfield becomes totally exhausted and you need to place a new one.......that requires a permit, inspection and the whole nine yards.

    But you need to/should check with *your* county or city/township health department because all these things vary by jurisdiction. Should be able to find out with nothing more than a phone call.

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    Default Re: Advise on Replacing Cast Iron Waste Pipe

    Quote Originally Posted by MrButters View Post
    Ahh.. yes, the reason. We would like to add a 1/2 bath. Currently it has just a single bathroom. The toilet is connected to the old metal pipe. So, adding another toilet would require attaching its piping to the old pipe, which from all accounts is a real job. My thought was that it would be easier for the remodel, and better off in the long run, to run all new piping.
    Better off in the long run?......possibly.Unless there is an issue with the existing piping tying into existing cast iron pipe can be a fairly easy matter. I tie into cast all the time using either a cast iron blade or a manual cast iron cutter to cut out the pipe needed to install PVC sanitary "T"s using cast to PVC adapters.
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