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    Default Identifying Home - Victorian?

    I recently bought my first home in the Northeast area of Portland, OR. The house is dated to 1894 and other than its twin sister right next to it there are no other houses right around that look anything like these. I am curious to find out more about their design and construction, even just hints as to if they were ordered plans or individually designed.

    First though, I would like to know what to start calling this style of house, is it Victorian? Any help would be appreciated.

    Flickr photoset of the inside

    Video Walkthrough

    Any thoughts/help would be greatly appreciated!



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    Default Re: Identifying Home - Victorian?

    I'd call it a 1 3/4 story victorian cottage.
    It may have been from a published plan.
    The tin-covered hole in the floor was either a stovepipe brought through or a grille to the ceiling below, for the purpose of a little extra heat for the room.
    That chair rail molding surrounded by drywall isn't original. It's a piece of crown molding installed flat. There could be an original molding under it, or not.
    Remove not the ancient landmark, which your fathers have set.

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