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    Default cast iron radiator reassembly

    i have an old cast iron raditor that was split in 2 to remove from the house,, i have cleaned and painted,, now i need to reassemble,, it has cone shaped male and female connections,,it also seems to have a relief around the cones for a brass or copper washer or gasket, does anything go there ? also what kind of sealer would go there?
    it has lion heads on the upper section and is 50 to 75 years old

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    Default Re: cast iron radiator reassembly

    The sections of cast iron rads have to be pressed together using special tools---many years ago they were assembled right inside the house when a new heating system was being put in---but very few heating contractors have these tools now---you might call some in your area (Yellow Pages: Heating Contractors).

    High Heat caulking compound (available at heating supply stores) is often used when pressing sections together.

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