I have never heard of this problem before - until it happened to me! The actual body of my faucet is leaking. It's a one-handled faucet above the kitchen sink. We've lived in the house for a year, I have no idea how old the faucet is (the kitchen was renovated in the 80s, I presume it was replaced then).

Right at the top of the faucet a leak has developed. You really can't see it, but it started shooting water out in a little jet. Now it's just a leak. It only leaks when the tap is turned on. There are about four spots along the top where it looks like the silver finish is tarnished, and now I wonder if they're leaks that are getting ready to start too?

What's going on? Do we have acid instead of water? I've never heard of water eating through the INSIDE of a faucet before.

I guess this isn't a huge problem - we'll just have to get a new one. Did we just get unlucky with the faucet? Does this happen more than I'd think? Or might we have nasty water? Any help would be appreciated!