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    Default Using old door knobs on modern doors.

    I was able to buy some antique door knobs at the local Peddlers Mall for a rock bottom price. They were all crusted up and painted over, but a little elbow grease, paint remover, and ketchup (I use this as a non toxic metal cleaner/polisher) they turned out looking great.

    Now the problem. The spindles for these door knobs are larger that those in modern locksets.

    Modern locksets, at least the ones I have, do not allow for just the doorknob to be removed.

    Is there any way to adapt these wonderful antique doorknobs to modern locksets, or is there a way to get just the doorknobs off the modern locksets?



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    Default Re: Using old door knobs on modern doors.

    As you've discovered, modern locksets aren't made to integrate the old knobs very easily. You'll need take a look at some websites that have mortise locks. I'd be surprised if any of the more inexpensive and production type locks would be adaptable. All the money you may have saved on your bargain knobs may get spent on buying locks that will accept them. I've yet to see an adapter kit that would convert one to accept the other. Start Googling and Good Luck.

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