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    Default Porch floor leaks into basement...

    I have an older home. Part of the basement in the house is directly under my covered porch. The porch has a tongue and groove flooring that is currently painted. If your in the basement you can see the bottom of the tongue and groove flooring. the problem is, when it rains some of the porch gets wet and eventually it leaks through the floor and into the basement, how can I stop this from happening. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Porch floor leaks into basement...

    Remove the decking and put down " plywood,Weather Guard/Ice Guard on the plywood, nail down furring strips, leaving path way for runoff, then the decking . Insulate the underside. The weather guard will keep water from entering, the insulation can then do it's job. Weather Guard is a self sticking roofing underlayment to protect against ice dams and it self seals around any nails run through it. If you floor is 3/4" thick and the joists are 16"on center you can use "plywood, because you would not be putting any weight directly on it, then " X 4" furring strips. Then new decking, that would raise the floor 3/4" If you can't handle that rise, the joists can be rabbited out or strips sistered to the side of the joists to suport the plywood and " strips of plywood installed between and even with the top of the joists, the weather guard, and " spacer strips and the decking.
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    Default Re: Porch floor leaks into basement...

    First of all make s shed of any wood and paint on it which will be weather proof. Second is your porch base must be higher than the previous condition.

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