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    Question Sticking windows

    I have a house that is 160 years old with what seems to be the original windows. These windows slide up and down in a track that is part of the window frame. I have this one window that has been stuck since I moved in. I removed the frame retainer strips and removed the window. I cleaned the window frame and the main frame where the window slides. I then primed the areas and then painted both with exterior semi-gloss paint. I let the paint dry for about 8 hours (should this have been longer)and the inserted the window into the main frame. I tried to slide the window up and down but it binds and eithe won't move or is difficult to move. Should I remove the paint from the edge of the window and the inside of the main frame?? I want it to look nice so I want some kind of paint in at least the main frame since it will be seen when the window is open. I need to figure out how to do this since I have many windows that I want to redo. PLEASE HELP!!!

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    Default Re: Sticking windows

    I use only oil paint on my sash; remove them to sc****, heat gun and sand all the old paint from the sash and their "ways". I let the paint dry for a week before re-installing, and they glide easily.
    Problem with latex is even when cured it is able to stick to itself upon contact especially if humid. So, it's like always having the windows painted shut. If you had interlocking metal weatherstripping you could set it up so there was never any paint on paint contact; it's a labor-intensive job, but the energy savings is good, too.
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