Hello all,

We recently bought our first home - 1924 vintage - with a poorly vented attic. Humid in summer, and probably going mouldy as I type now we're in winter (Dartmouth, Nova Scotia).

The roof has small round soffit vents (4x2" wide per side). These seem to be mostly painted over - probably not helping! There are also two square roof vents near the ridge.

We have sought out advice/quotes from three firms with the following results:

(1) & (2) were roofers - they agreed about needing new soffit vents. One suggested that just replacing those would do it (CDN$450). Another suggested that + two turbine vents (CDN$900).

(3) Was an insulation guy - he said that given the roof's construction (dormer type upper floor), the soffit vents were next to useless. We should block them up, and completely fill the eaves with insulation, then install gable vents. A roofing firm quoted CDN$650 for the gables.

Now, I'm a little confused... and would be massively grateful of some advice from the learned TOH community -

- What is considered best practice for an old house in a northern atlantic climate (-25C - +35C range)?
- Are the quotes given above reasonable for this type of job?

Side view:
Front view: