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    Default Water heater recirculates?

    Hi to all,
    New here, but thought you'd be the best place to ask this question.

    Just had a new water heater (40 gal/gas) installed yesterday. To my amazement, no hot water this AM. The install guys came back and stated the following:

    The problem was due to a main floor faucet repair made earlier this week by a different plumber. He (faucet plumber) replaced several washers and said it works OK. FYI and in case it matters....water heater is in the basement.

    The water heater install guys (different plumbers arranged by the purchasing point) state the "worked on faucet" is internally corroded and caused the hot water to "recirculate" and, thus, delivered only tepid water to any other faucet in the house. Sound really strange to me. I thought there was only a 1 way flow in clean water e.g. from the delivery pipe to the faucet without any mixing of lines.

    1) Is this possible? Right now, the faucet is disconnected and I appear to have hot water.
    2) If this really is the case, why did the old hot water heater provide more hot water than the new one initially provided?
    3) Is there something they're not saying?

    Any help is appreciated...not a dummy here, just not a plumber.
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