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    Default Forced Air Temperature Inbalance

    I live in NW Ohio, and I have a forced air furnace. Last year, we opened up our kitchen/living room wall, and added about 10 can lights in the kitchen. This winter, I notice that most of the afternoon/evening, the furnace does not run, and the temperature in the living room (where the thremostat is) is sometimes up to 76 deg (temp setting on thermostat is 72). This leaves our bedrooms freezing cold by nighttime. I thought about moving the thermostat to the hallway, but then the kitchen/living room will be getting too warm. I could close off some of the registers in the kitchen/living room, but then overnight the living room will get too cold. It almost seems I need automated dampers for the living room/kitchen, and the thermostat located somewhere else. Does anyone have any ideas to help?

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    Default Re: Forced Air Temperature Inbalance

    using less heat producing lamps in your new can lights perhaps lowering the wattage of the ones you are using, or changing them to use CFLs or LEDs. keeping your cold air returns clear and perhaps adjusting your dampers. its pretty normal after a major remodel like you've described opening kitchen to livingroom to have to get your FA system rebalanced. you might even need to do some trunk re-work.
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