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    Question cracked 8 x 8 supports

    We are having a contractor build a four season porch on the back of our split level home. He used three 8 x 8 support beams to support the wall furthest from the house. The beams are 6 feet tall and we have noticed cracks running vertically on two of the supports. The seem to be about 1/4 to 1/2 inches deep. Is this normal or should we be worried? We live in Minnesota.

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    Default Re: cracked 8 x 8 supports

    Posts are vertical members, beams are horizontal members. Is it a post or a beam?
    If it's a crack running vertically in a beam, yes that's bad, it means that it is probably failing. If it's a vertical check (surface "split") in a post, it's nothing to worry about. It is an aesthetic problem, not a structural defect.

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    Default Re: cracked 8 x 8 supports

    very true, 4x4's, 6x6, 8x8 all split and will even twist a little bit as they dry out, it doesnt affect the strength of it but it can be an eyesore., if its a big deal aesthetically you can always clade them after the fact to clean it up a bit
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