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    Angry Splitting up single heat zone to 100 yr. old house?



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    Default Re: Splitting up single heat zone to 100 yr. old house?


    This type of project is often done with zone valves (sometimes with circulators)---three zone valves are added to the boiler hot water supply line & the existing baseboard lines for each floor are separated and given a zone of their own by re-arranging the piping.

    A separate t-stat in each level is then electrically routed to the zone valve, which in turn fires the boiler when the zone calls for heat.

    I've always had good luck with the Taco 570 series zone valves for their long-lasting reliability and quiet operation.

    The savings in gas heating expenses would come by the ability to turn down the t-stat on zones that are not occupied during part or all of the day.

    An additional benefit to zoning is the amazing increased comfort you obtain by being able to control the temperature in 3 separate areas of the house--- I assume there's little control now over the uneven heat you are experiencing in different parts of the house.

    I think it's a worthwhile project, but you would have to get some estimates from local heating contractors---don't ignore installing additonal insulation in the exterior walls & attic, if needed, which would cost a lot less than a zone project.
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