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    Default Ultra wood used on sun porch

    The ultra wood on my sun porch is 10 yrs old and needs life put back into it. What can I used?

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    Default Re: Ultra wood used on sun porch


    The Ultra Wood website states that the product can be painted or stained. However, it clearly shows a picture of their wood with water beading on the surface. I am very leery of painting or staining over any surface upon which water is beading. If the finish cannot penetrate into the fibers of the wood, it is highly probable that it will fail within a year, at least in a 4 season climate.

    If your deck is graying, you might try cleaning it with any of the deck cleaners. Most contain a mild solution of oxylic acid.

    If the deck is merely dirty or mildew/algae stained, I like a product called Jomax, which is available at Home Depot. It is a concentrate which is used in conjunction with bleach to form a mild, but effective, cleaning solution.

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