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    Default Need suggestions for ground cover

    Hi all.
    I am in need of some ground cover for our front yard. I believe that up here in Colorado we are a zone 5. Our soil is poor sandy/clay mix which means it's great for sandburs and goat heads, but nothing you WANT to grow.

    Needs to be full sun, little water, and be able to fend off weeds. It should also withstand kids from walking/ running across it. I don't have kids, but the neighbors occasionally chase their dog through my yard.

    I would like something with flowers that bloom in summer to late fall

    Any suggestions?

    The guy at the green house suggest a mossy ground cover that was kind of nice, but not sure it is strong enough to stand up to the weeds. I know weeds will be a battle no mater what we plant, but it's gotta be durable because we'll have lots of weeding to do

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    Thumbs down Re: Jordan Spizike women and Jordan Spizike

    Quote Originally Posted by Arvin372 View Post
    the Air Jordan Spizike has managed to stay interesting. This particular Air Jordan Spiz'ike owns a few different details from the previous pairs we have seen. This retro basketball shoe possesses a predominately black suede base similar to the Air Jordan 6 Retro Black/Red. Another interesting design can be seen on the inner lining which possesses the infamous line, “High-flying, death-defying 360 slam dunk” from the famed Mars Blackmon commercials that features Spike Lee as the character that made his debut in She’s Gotta Have it. The usual side netting that came from the Air Jordan 5 was replaced with the mesh from the Air Jordan 4. Also, the “Spike” print that hit the toe cap and back of the sneaker has been replaced with a more familiar elephant print. To finish off the cosmetic transformation, Jordan Brand speckled part of the midsole and the “wings”, slight blue accents as well to compliment the tongue. Overall, this clean model pays homage to the most famed of Air Jordan's without overdoing it.

    What the he** does that have to do with ground cover? I need plants not shoes

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