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    Default Granite tile in New England weather

    I thought I was sold on a granite tile component system because

    (1) its still granite, any way you slice it
    (2) I can install myself
    (3) I can have the fancy ogee edge treatment
    (4) its about the same cost as ordering Wilsonart HD laminate

    ...and then a Depot employee tried talking me out of it by saying in New England (RI, specifically) the weather conditions will cause too much expansion and contraction and tile will crack all over.

    Granted, I never thought much about the expansion prior to this conversation. I read that a slip layer would go between the backerboard and thinset/tile. Is this all that would be necessary? There still would be grout lines, and no granite backsplash, maybe tile down the road.

    Anyone experience granite tile expansion issues with a countertop in this area??

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Granite tile in New England weather

    I have heard of expansion. It all depends on whether water or moisture gets in there.
    I like having a Hidden Content .

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