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    Unhappy Ceiling heater/air conditioner...

    My gf and I bought a condo earlier this year and it's somewhat out-dated. The heater/airconditioner
    is in the ceiling. I was wondering if this was common or if its something we should worry about.
    We tried looking up the brand, but I think it's extinct. And we cannot find filters to buy for it.
    We've been washing the filter, letting it dry and then putting it back in.

    Advice, please?
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    Default Re: Ceiling heater/air conditioner...

    That sounds like a heat pump/air conditioner combo unit, or a PTAC (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner).

    Is there anyone there in the main office of your condo complex that can offer some assistance???

    Does your condo purchase agreement specify who is responsible for service & repair of the heating unit???

    If you can get the brand name & model number off the unit we can try to find out more---does it look like any of the units at the site below??

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