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    Default Putting in a fence - what length of post??

    We're putting in a 6 ft. stockade privacy fence in the back yard and I'm trying to figure out what length of post we need - I've searched everywhere but no one mentions length, only witdth. We know to use 4x4, but how deep do the posts need to go into the ground (using concrete)?

    If the fence is six feet high, and the top of the post sits just below the top of the fence, how deep into th ground does the post need to go? Do we need 8ft or 10ft length posts?

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    Default Re: Putting in a fence - what length of post??

    8 foot posts in this part of the world . The type of soil you have in your area might dictate something longer . Sandy , loose , etc.

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    Default Re: Putting in a fence - what length of post??

    The rule of thumb is 1/3 the length of the post needs to be in the ground. An 8' post would be set 2.5 feet into the ground, leaving 5.5' above for framing, plenty for a 6' fence.

    You may want to consider a steel post such as a Postmaster brand or a Z post. The framing attaches directly to the ears of this style of post, making them easy to cover the posts. Steel will outlast your life time on the property, whereas wood will likely need replacement within about 10 years, particularly being set in concrete. If you go with steel, I 'd recommend what I've mentioned here over chain link fence posts because chain link posts require brackets to attach the framing and they stand off from the fence, making them unsightly and difficult to conceal.
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