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    I am laying tile floor in our laundry room.When I tore up the old tile I discovered that the plywood floor there had knot holes and were not laid even. the knot holes were filed with paper. I was told I could use bondo (normally used for car repair) What can I use to fill these holes and ridges?

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    For the holes -

    Do you have access from below the floor? If so, I'd patch the underside, then use self-leveling floor compound on top. Alternatively, you could just put a 1/4" layer of lauan over the entire floor

    For minor dips in the floor -

    Use shingles to fill the dents (heard this tip from a home improvement show, but never tried it)

    For areas that really low -

    patch with plywood of the appropriate thickness, cut a little smaller than the low area, then use compound around the edge of the patch to extend it to the surrounding level floor.

    In profile your patch would look like this (hope this diagram will make sense)

             ply patch
    ____     _______     ________
        \___|       |___/
     |                     /
     |                    /
    floor at normal height

    Fill the dip surrounding the patch with compound.

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