My house was built in 1950. I'm remodeling my kitchen and I am trying to access my flooring options for the kitchen. I could really use some advice

Here's what I have

5) Sheet vinyl flooring (as seen in Tom Hank's house in the 'Burbs 1989)
4) luan plywood
3) Original 1950 Vinyl tile (possibly VAT)
2) tongue and grove (pine?) hardwood. level with the flooring in adjoining rooms
1)diagonal pine slat subfloor.

If the 1950 Vinyl is VAT (asbestos) and it turns out to be in bad shape I'm spending all my money on removal . If it's VAT and It can be covered up I think I know my options.

Now this is where I need advice. If it's Not VAT (or I've spent all my money removing the VAT). From a little excavation where the flooring transitions into another room it looks like the Pine hardwood layer of floor has been ruined by tile glue. How insane would it be me to pull up the Pine floor and put down new hardwood (or likely bamboo) Myself? Would I be better off putting something over the pine and living with a step up into the kitchen? Hardwood or tile (my personal preferences but both would result in a significant rise in floor level)

Can an original hardwood floor even be removed? My dad seems to think the hardwood will run under walls

From the basement the subfloor looks to be in good shape. If I pull up the pine floor do I need to put down a layer of plywood over the original subfloor regardless?

Obviously I'm clueless and about to get in way over my head I welcome any and all advice.