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    Default Paint peeling off after taking off protective tape

    I recently painted my bathroom....in my first home. I put 3 coats of paint (Behr Paint and primer combined) on my bathroom walls. I was so excited. However, I didnt realize that the protective blue tape (so paint doesnt get on the ceiling, vanity, etc.), that you needed to take off the tape while the paint was still wet. So, a few days later I started to peel the blue tape off and whoops...there goes my paint peeling off. In some parts it peeled off to the drywall. Should I just paint over this, or sand it down and then repaint?

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    Default Re: Paint peeling off after taking off protective tape

    Yes, you have to sand the old paint first. I did the same thing and my hussband told me to sand the paint, kind of feather the edges of the paint and then paint over it and it worked.

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