I've seen several threads, on several sites, but none quite seem to answer my question.

Anyway, as a preamble here are some specs -

Local code - IBC 2003
2x10 joists, 16" on center, 14' span, yellow pine (from what I can tell)

Pretty much every joist has been bored out of code. Each joist has a half inch hole within 2 inches (some less than 1 inch) of the bottom of the joist, in the center third of the span. One joist has cracked directly below the hole.

Obviously the very best way would be to sister the joist between the center beam and the sill plate, but that's a big job for the sake of half inch holes and there are numerous challenges in the way. I'm presuming though that it's guaranteed up to code.

So, onto the questions.

1. Other than the one already mentioned are there code-specified fixes?

2. I could get a 6' 2x10 up there with relative ease, overlapping 3' either side of the fix. I'd attach with construction adhesive and lag bolts or 3" framing nails. The theory being that although it wouldn't remove any load from the joist, it would increase the tensile strength at the bottom.
> Does that sound accurate and viable?
> Is it acceptable to code?

3. Are there any reinforcement products on the market, and what sort of $ are we talking about?

4. Am I making a mountain of a molehill?

Thank you all very much in advance for your advice.