Hey Everyone,

I am new to this so bear with me. I bought this 1954 rambler just recently in the last few months. I have discovered through my brother that the switches are hard to replace and it would be costly to rewire the house to update the switches.

So my dilema is, I have one of the switches giving me some trouble with when I turn the light on I am unable to turn it off, or sometimes it locks up all the switches in the house, has happened once for that. But mostly I am unable to turn the switch off for a time, I go back after trying several times, and then I am able to turn the switch off.

It's a black switch fastened to a rectangular plastic switch plate, of which the press of the rectangular button depresses the copper plate behind the switch to the connection points.

What I am wondering if there is any way of getting these replace, with similar switches and if so, whom could one contact and how costly could this be. As I am told the switches themselves can cost up to $50.00 dollars to replace each.

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated, I tend to be somewhat handy around the house, being a woman, but sometimes I need some extra advice or help in finding the right answer to my problem, so I can fix it or seek professional help if need be.

Thanks Everyone, and I did see the other post on the Odd 1950's switches but wasn't sure if I should follow that route too, as also some of these switches in the house also control wall plugs for some lighting, and some I have connected Electronics to but find it annoying to have to turn on the light to turn on the TV.
I guess the price ya pay for buying an older home.

Well Thank You for reading and responding with advice, I greatly appreciate it, Thanks Everyone!

in SD