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    Default Replacing "built in" thermal pain window

    Our French doors each have top-to-bottom thermal pain (dual glass) windows which seem to be built into the wood door.
    One door glass has fogged badly so doors or the one window need to be replaced.

    Can I cut back the inner edge of the door to expose the thermal pane of glass and it's metal sealing perimeter and remove it?

    Thinking I could then order same size and type new dual pane glass placing it into door opening and using appropriate wood trim to hold the glass in place where the original part of the door had been cut away. Attaching trim could be tricky but with drilling pilot holes there should be enough edge to seal and nail the trim.


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    Default Re: Replacing "built in" thermal pain window

    Lights are generally not "built in". There should be a trim strip on the inside or the outside that can be removed to replace the glass. But to answer your question yes it is possible to rout out the trim to replace the glass light and install a new trim strip.

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