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    Default what to do about neighbor's Bamboo

    My next door neighbor has bamboo growning along the fence line in my back yard, and over the last year it has began taking over my yard, I am afraid it will start tearing up my children's trampoline

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    Default Re: what to do about neighbor's Bamboo

    1. Talk to the neighbor about them containing their growth.
    2. Dig up and maintain your property free of bamboo
    3. Use herbicides to keep the bamboo at bay.
    4. Contact the municipality about the neighbor's crap encroaching on your property
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    Default Re: what to do about neighbor's Bamboo

    I have the same problem as you. The neighbor behind me planted running bamboo and it has taken over 3 other backyards. Depending on your relationship with the neighbor, you can buy a herbicide that will kill the bamboo off.

    It's not cheap (about $180.00), so if your in the same boat as me maybe you can split the cost with other neighbors. Look at websites that supply the farming industry.

    The only other thing to suggest is to contact the municipality like A. Spruce said.

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