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    Default Re: My Oak Floors Keep Denting!

    The Janka hardnesstest measures the hardness of wood. It involves measuring the force required to embed a 0.444 inch steel ball into wood to half its diameter. This method was chosen so that the result would leave an indention 100 square millimeters in size. The American Janka scale is in pounds force.

    The Janka scale for wood hardness list red oak at 1290, white oak at 1360, and hard maple only a little higher at 1450. Hard maple is the primary wood used for bowling allies and I'm sure you didn't have bowling balls dropped on the floor and I doubt any of you guests weighed enough to excerpt that much pressure. It would take a person weighing 300+ lbs standing on a ¼ sq.inch heal on the steel ball to make the indentation used in Janka test. The pins used in the heels posted by BRP has a sizable flat head and not likely less than ¼ sq. inch.

    I've seen stiletto heels worn on Southern yellow Pine floors without indentations and SYP only has a Janka rating of 870.

    I'm more inclined to think that you finish may not have been completely cured. Curing time is going to depend on the type of finish, number of coats, thickness of coats, curing time between coats, and age of the finish.

    By the way are you sure that they are indentations and not a blemish, like fish-eyes, in the finish?
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