Hi I am a new homeowner and my home is on a well. When i do laundry my water pressure is low and it spits and takes a little while fill back up. Here are some of the things that I have been told; water pump is fine, am on a high water table, had the screen of the well cleaned in Nov'09, that I am on a spring (has nothing to do with the well, however letting you know I have alot of water in my land, my sump pumps run constantly), am on a high water table, that I may need a new well. My home was built in '58, was told it is the orginial well. I also have very good water, no softner, some iron but good water. I have alot of sand in my dirt. Not sure of what info to give you. When do you know if you need a new well. It all seems like a guess on what the problems could be. Thank you