I have an old house with VAT. I had it covered for many years with padding and carpet. Now I have removed the carpet and I have this ugly testament to the dark ages of home construction staring me in the face every day and asking me: How many of my nasty and invisible fish-hook fibers have you breathed in today?

I found a reply by Tom Silva to a question about covering VAT where he said that "it can even be covered with ceramic tile."

That is what I want to do. I have been getting conflicting information. Some people tell me you can't put ceramic tile over old VAT. Others tell me you can.

Now, I am confused.

What is the best way to prepare the floor, i.e., the VAT, in order to install ceramic tile over it?

Another person in the same thread Stated as follows:

"I consulted a professional installer and he said to emboss the asbestos tiles in order to install ... ceramic tile. This way, the thin-set will adhere to the asbestos tiles. If there are cracked asbestos tiles, simply use a filler (even tile grout) to fill in the cracks or holes...then emboss over that."

In this context, what does it mean to "emboss" ?

I installed tile in part of a room with "AcrylPro Ceramic Tile Adhesive" that I bought at home depot. The info on the pail it came in says it is for "Walls and floors." Everyone has told me that this product cannot be used for installing tiles on floors. More confusion! What do you all think about using this product to install ceramic tiles on a floor?

Please help! Thanks in advance for any information you all can provide.