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    Default 1850 Farm house needs new porch--Lumber to use?

    WE have an old house from 1850's with a wrap around porch that has a beautiful curve(1/2 circle) but the porch floor needs replaced. Can't afford tongue/groove which would be the ideal thing (or the new non-wood wood) but do not know what wood to use?

    Out of work carpenter wants to put in DECKING but we think the color and having the boards so far apart would wreck the "look"!

    This "carpenter" told hubby not to use Southern pine as "Pine is soft wood and you'd never want that" but we heard that is the top wood to use.

    What can we use on a "retired" budget and should it be painted on all sides (including the bottom/sides) be painted or only top? --

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    Default Re: 1850 Farm house needs new porch--Lumber to use?

    T&G Southern Yellow Pine is pretty much a standard for porch floors and if properly maintained will last for years. Mine has been installed for over 25 years. Yes you should paint all sides, that will help prevent water damage.

    Does the whole deck need to be replaced or do you just have some boards that need replacing? A complete tear off is often not needed. If you have a section or a board that is bad just replace that section or board. If a single board is bad cut down through the middle of the board and remove it. Slide a new board into place.
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