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    Wink Woodworking Classes

    My husband is a carpenter and builds furniture as a hobby. He has mentioned a few times that he would love to take a woodworking class in Vermont or by a famous wood worker.

    Since I know nothing about this, thought I would see if any of you folks could make a recommendation for me.

    Looking for a week course, some where that we can package a romantic trip around.

    You guess right that this is a x-mas present - time is of the essense!!

    Thanks in advance -
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    Default Re: Woodworking Classes

    I know that several of my local community colleges offer courses in woodworking, however, these are standard 12 week courses. You might see what's available in your area, both at the community college level, night courses, or adult education center. There may be shorter or expedited courses that will suit your needs.

    Also, check for a local woodworkers group and buy him a membership to the club. Again, my local group is full of experienced folks who love to play with wood. Benefits of being a member are regular meetings with fellow enthusiasts and many times discounts at local suppliers - those discounts pay for the membership in short order.

    Hope that helps.
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    Default Re: Woodworking Classes

    Here is one source list

    Here's a school in Connecticut

    Woodcraft and Rockler stores both hold classes, usually short 2 day classes.
    One of the best known and highly rated schools is in Indiana if you want to travel

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