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    Default Old wood wainscotting in the bathroom?

    Well, here is our dilemma...
    Our house is a 1920 Tudor that the previous owners had done everything possible to try to destroy it. We are now looking at fixing the upstairs bath that currently has cracked and broken bright purple tile...everywhere!!!
    We had thought about putting up wood wainscotting as it would go with the overall look of the house. My father in law has offered us some wainscotting that is in amazing shape. The wood had been on his garage walls (a converted barn dating from 1893) for years until he had to refurbish the building. It is clean, not warped, etc...as I said, it looks great. Would it be wise to use this in the bathroom or should we steer clear of it?
    I appreciate any advice you can give!

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    Default Re: Old wood wainscotting in the bathroom?

    Sounds wonderful! Use it. Lots of 1920 baths have wainscoting. I'm thinking of putting some in one of mine.

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    Default Re: Old wood wainscotting in the bathroom?

    One recommendation I would make is that you seal all sides and ends before installing, either with paint or varnish. Due to the high moisture in a bath room this will help prevent cupping and warping.
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