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    Default Need front porch ideas...

    I recently bought a 1930's home in pretty decent condition. The previous owner hired a guy to "fix" the unsightly parts of the house prior to sale, and some of the things he did just confuse the heck out of me. The front porch is one of them... The porch roof is supported by two large (ugly) metal poles set at an outward angle. This guy put a wood frame around the poles, slapped some particle board on and then covered the wood with siding that doesn't even match the house. (pic attached) Just yesterday I tore into one side of it to see just how unsightly this pole was, and this is what I found... (second pic). I'm thinking the pole actually won't look so bad on its own. I've been searching the internet for other porches with this set up but can't find any. I'm hoping someone on here has a pic or two of another porch with poles like this so I can get some ideas.
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    Default Re: Need front porch ideas...

    And you are...?

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    Futz, I'm kind of with you about the look. The boxed out columns with the siding are nearly hideous. The slanted columns at least have a bit of personality. At least when you telling someone directions and you say turn left on Elm St. and it's the house with the slanted porch columns, they will know exactly what house to go to.
    BTW- the aluminum covering the gable end of the porch could use some work. A little articulation with some rakes or outriggers would help.
    The roof might visually benefit from more pitch, but that's a lot more work than I would probably want to do. After a second look, maybe not.
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