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    Default hardwood on plywood over radiant water system-help!

    I am trying to finish our floors while my husband is away for the next couple of months and need some advice. I have radiant hot water tubing under the 3/4 plywood flooring. I planned to use the pink paper - but after reading some of the sites, I wonder if that is correct, would it block the heat is there something better out there? BUT, I am more worried that when I nail the 3/4 hardwood floors, I will pierce the tubing. I plan to rent one of those nailers- so any and all suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: hardwood on plywood over radiant water system-help!

    using rosin paper is fine, using asphalt impregnated paper or felt is NOT ADVISED when you have radiant floor heating. you can mark out and map your radiant locations and using the right fasteners (length and type)you should be able to avoid any penetration mishaps

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