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    Cool confused about concrete in knoxville Tennessee?

    I have been getting quotes from contractors here in Knoxville TN to create a larger patio... I am from sunny california so the rules here are different and our quotes have ranged from 3500 to 5200 huge difference.

    we have a 12x12 in place now... we were just thinking of adding on to it... most contractors just said no problem... but I am concerned because one contractor said taking it out would be better because of the freezing weather and water would get between the old and new patio and freeze and crack.. others said they would just rebar it to the 12 x12 and it would be ok.. what would be the best thing to do rip it all out and start over or add on?

    I have also found out that some are using a fiber mesh and not metal mesh. is there a difference? or is the technology of the fiber mesh as good as the metal?

    then finally there is the question of attaching it to the home... do I need to worry about having the patio attached to the home with rebar or does it matter? can they just poor it to the house or do I need to worry about it separating and detaching from the home ?

    I just do not know because of the freezing weather that we get here.. not to mention that it can rain one day and thee hours later it could freeze and snow.
    I dont want to spend a lot but I also do not want it to look bad in one or two years. separate or crack.

    the range in the bids are just so huge I need more info in order to choose someone.
    any help on this would be great thanks!!!!
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