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    Default styrofoam shower base???

    does anyone know manufacturer or web address to find the shower base materials??

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    Default Re: styrofoam shower base???


    From: Show descriptions Program #2810 (click on link):,00.html

    "Later, at the project house, tile contractor Mark Ferrante preps a shower stall for tile using a new prefab system for the shower pan, curb, and drain that is used in place of a traditional mortar bed."
    From Products and Services from the show, Program #2810, Weston Project, part 10 of 16 (click on link):,00.html

    Schluter-Systems, L.P.
    tel. (800) 472-4588
    you might find these more direct link convenient (click on links): and

    you can find this information by clicking on the TV link at the top right of this page, just under the "search" box.
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