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    Question Ramp & breezeway

    I am handicapped and need a ramp from about 3 steps up to the driveway that will attach to a breezeway I hope to have built, that will lead to a door in the garage so I don't have to walk in the weather. I live in Kansas. The other side of the breezeway that adjoins the back yard will serve to keep the dog in the yard so it will need a side door into the yard so he can come into the breezeway and up the ramp to the back door. Can we build directly on the concrete to do this. I will need a light source in the breezeway but no heat or other helps. Do you have plans for a ramp, and for breezeways in general I can access so as to know how to tell a person I will hire to do what I want. Thanks for any help.

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    Default Re: Ramp & breezeway

    Sorry, I have no plans. With 3 steps and an average of 7" per step you will need at a minimum a ramp 21' long. General requirement is one foot of run for each one inch of rise. I would prefer 16" for each inch of rise which would require a ramp over 26' long. Not a lot of help for you but at least a starting point.
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